The stretch marks and dark-spot treatment medicinal pack is a complete formulation of products made from plant extracts, fish collagen and nutritional vitamins that promotes a lovely complexion and successfully protects the body against free radicals.

 The stretch marks and dark spot treatment product is mixed with vinegar to be applied on the affected areas of the skin to improve collagen formation and to absorb vitamins A, D and E for moisturizing and exfoliation of the skin.

 Keeping the body well hydrated keeps the skin supple and prevents a majority of skin diseases.

The products contains Vitamin C which contribute to the formation of collagen which is very essential for good condition of the blood vessels and helps to strengthen the skin.

Make it easy to promote skin texture, hydration and maintain healthy-looking skin from inside-out in addition to collagen formation using marine Collagen.

Give your skin the love it deserves with this marine Collagen pack for daily skincare routine.

In order for the skin to have a healthful glow from inside-out, it desires collagen. Our body produces this kind of protein itself. But much less as we get older.

It is therefore essential that we make collagen handy for the body & the body receives that using these natural creams produced with marine collagen to protect the skin from stretch marks and darkspot.

Natural combination of skincare products mixed with marine collagen that delivers zinc and biotin to play a role in healthy skin.

Maintain a healthy skin and texture with marine collagen to clear off stretch marks and dark spots.

 A well-hydrated skin restores elasticity and helps in detoxification through the skin pores helps in clearing off stretch marks, using this pack for get you covered.

An effective products for treating a variety of skin problems which has soothing and healing properties aid in the clearing off stretch marks.

The products contains food nutrients and antioxidants to improve the skin conditions including stretch marks & dark spots.

The products contains citric acid for detoxification and help in removing stretch marks, acne, scars, and any injury.

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