Hernia has commonly been health problem challenging men mostly, and with few cases among women, which lead to severe pains at some parts of the body especially in the abdomen among men. Let's briefly discuss the meaning and cause of hernia pains below.

Hernia is a severe discomfort or pain in the lower abdomen mostly among men, it becomes worse when lying down and the larger it becomes when bending down.

What are the causes of hernia?

Hernia occurs when the blood circulation to some part of the bowel is blocked, which causes severe tenderness & pain  in the abdominal area. Hernia sometimes causes severe chest pains or pain in the course of eating. Below are the main risk causes and factors that can lead to hernia pains.


Previous open appendectomy.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Pregnancy (women).

Collagen vascular disease.

Peritoneal dialysis, etc.

What is the best treatment for hernia without surgery?

We go you natural supplements for immune system, abdomen and urinal tract cleansing to get rid of hernia permanently. The medicinal supplements helps with effective blood circulation to all parts of the bowel to relive hernia pains and severe tenderness in the bowel leading to a severe pains in the abdomen.

The natural supplements supports effective collagen formation in the body to clear off vascular disease that affects the blood vessels that carry food nutrients & oxygen to the body and remove toxins & waste products from the body tissues. The supplements contains pumpkin seeds which improves healthy bladder and prostate function.

The cardiovascular system: The medicinal supplements support the cardiovascular system and strengthens the heart muscles, arteries, veins, and capillaries to circulate blood effectively to all the parts of the body including the bowel to relieve hernia pains.

Give the body a massive & improve of plant-based superfoods anywhere and anytime for a healthy lifestyle. We get you covered. Contact us for hernia treatment pack.

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